At Cardiff University

Attending the Innovation and Impact awards last night, some very inspiring stories. The winner was a great project that helps firefighters review their decision making by replaying how actual decisions are taken in times of stress, using Go Pro cameras to put you back into the situation as it unfolds

At Warwick University

In the Queue for the Park and Ride at Warwick University, to take Matthew around the Computer Science department. Lots of interest today, very different from Bristol University as this is more countryside and Bristol is in the heart of the city.

New item for sale at airports

I saw this new product called 1Above being sold at the airport, in the water section. I cannot believe they are asking almost a tenner for this stuff!! ­čśí

Just take some E9 and your jet lag will disappear much cheaper and better for you.

P9 and E9 – a great combination

Totally not sure about this stuff though….at almost 10 pounds a pop

Missed my meeting in Brussels this week

It is always a bad sign when the plane you are about to get on is surrounded by 7 fire trucks! Suffice to say my flight was cancelled, although it took them 2 hours to tell us what was pretty obvious to those that saw it happen. Once something that serious happens, in this case a fuel leak, then the plane is not flying until fully checked over – and nor should it.