Things to see at Heathrow T2 whilst in a long Queue

Windows Blue Screen of Death, this is the 3rd time this has been here in the last 3 months. Easy to fix, why not take the time to sort it and remove something that looks bad for visitors coming into London

Missed my meeting in Brussels this week

It is always a bad sign when the plane you are about to get on is surrounded by 7 fire trucks! Suffice to say my flight was cancelled, although it took them 2 hours to tell us what was pretty obvious to those that saw it happen. Once something that serious happens, in this case a fuel leak, then the plane is not flying until fully checked over – and nor should it.

Supermarket shopping

It is always interesting to see how other countries lay out their supermarkets, especially the amount of fresh food. In Korea I remember they wrapped each individual apple in plastic wrap. I am currently in Toulouse, France – which has lots of fresh vegetables and a very large deli counter. The paella dish you see below was over 1.5 metres wide. Nice combo of crudit├ęs veg as well, very healthy. Not so healthy cakes, but they looked nice, the French people do take pastry very seriously.